We provide a wide range of services backed by fast response times

IT Support

Melbourne based technical support for your entire IT environment

Cloud Services

Providing anywhere, anytime on any device secure access to company data

Help Desk

A fast responding service, here to help you with your technical problems

Internet and Phones

Access to the latest technology for your internet and voice

Managed IT Services

Your complete IT department, anything technical can be assigned to us for a fixed monthly fee.

IT Security

IT security is critical, There are no guarantees here, but every reasonable precaution will be taken to keep your network and data safe.


“We have outsourced and managed internally our network support and project requirements for many years with limited success and frustration. When MSP Blueshift approached us and explained why they were different, I admit we were sceptical. The simplicity of engagement and their staff experience ...
“Computers are critical to our coaching business. Accessibility and reliability are essential! It is all about people - if great service is not provided we don't get the business. I have personally checked out MSP Blueshift operations – I am impressed with their worlds best practice procedure ...
“Since MSP Blueshift has come on board, I can get on with my job without having the distraction of IT issues and trying to get the IT guy in to fix our problems. MSP Blueshift does it all. It's not like having our own IT department: they are our IT department. The unlimited service at a fixe ...
“We’d had so-called fixed price IT support before, but there was always a catch and we regularly found ourselves receiving additional invoices for “Out of Scope” services. With MSP Blueshift this is no longer the case. We have an assigned IT Manager, Administrators and a Service Desk to man ...
Lorenzo Coppa
Chief Executive
Officer, City Software
Ann Watson

B There Mindset Coaching
Ray Jenkins
All State frames
Simon Cowen
Chief Executive Officer


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