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Are you struggling to find reliable, professional IT support services for your business?

At MSP Blueshift, we understand how important it is for businesses to stay connected and operating efficiently. With our managed IT Support services, you can be sure that your systems are always running smoothly and securely. Our team of qualified experts provides comprehensive support across all areas of IT – from basic troubleshooting to managing entire networks. We have extensive experience with both hardware and software solutions, so we can deliver the best solution for your business.

Our IT Support Services give your team peace of mind knowing there is a team of professionals who will go the distance to help them. Prevent downtime, improve your IT performance and reduce your IT problems with MSP Blueshift as your IT Support Provider

Advanced real time monitoring and remediation

At MSP Blueshift, we are more than just an IT company. Our mission is to provide our clients with exceptional managed IT support tailored to their individual needs. We strive to go the extra mile and leverage industry-leading tools combined with our systemised business processes to ensure consistent and repeatable results each time you work with us. You can trust that when you reach out to us, we will provide friendly and helpful service that exceeds your expectations.

We use “ConnectWise Manage” the world’s most advanced real-time monitoring and automated remediation software that fixes problems before they disrupt your IT systems. Our tools allow us to comprehensively manage your entire computer network – better than most internal departments could even dream of doing – and at a much lower cost.

MSP Blueshift can become your IT support company and start freeing up your time and reducing stress and IT problems. Get In Touch and see how we can help your business!

Discover the Power of Managed IT Support Services in Melbourne with MSP Blueshift.

24/7 Help Desk For Every Computer User

Comprehensive Support

We proactively monitor your systems and networks to ensure optimal performance and maximum security.

Large Scale Cloud Storage For All Your Staff To Connect Your Files Online

Experienced Professionals

Our certified engineers provides reliable IT solutions to ensure your business runs at peak performance.

Ensure Your Data Is Secure Against Hackers & Ransomware

Flexible Plans

We provide flexible, cost-effective plans that can be tailored to the size and scope of your business.

Keep Your Hardware & Software Up To Date

Proactive Management

Our proactive approach ensures all of your IT systems are up-to-date and running smoothly.

Our IT Support Solutions & Services

High-quality IT Support & Maintenance Services for Your Business

IT Procurement

Our team of experts provides end-to-end IT procurement services to help clients select the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for their businesses.

Network Installation and Maintenance

Our team of certified specialists provide the full range of network installation and maintenance services, ensuring that your infrastructure is secure and reliably connected.

Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 Migration

MSP Blueshift offers enterprise-grade migration services, allowing organizations to transition from Google Workspace to Microsoft365 securely and seamlessly.

IT Consulting

We provide expert IT consulting services tailored to meet your organization’s unique needs. Our experienced consultants can assist you in streamlining processes and improving efficiency.

Managed cloud hosting

Our managed cloud hosting solutions empower businesses with secure, reliable access to their applications and data, enabling efficient operations and scalability.

IT Outsourcing

Streamline operations by handing over IT tasks to our experienced technicians, freeing up resources to focus on core business objectives.

IT Infrastructure

Our comprehensive IT infrastructure solutions are designed to help your business achieve optimal performance and reliability. We provide end-to-end support and proactive maintenance for maximum uptime.

What Our Clients Say


“MSP Blueshift have been our IT team since 2015 and their level of service and support is unfailingly excellent!”

Sharon Rowland - DesignInk Pty Ltd 


“I have used MSP for my business for a number of years and since joining them, have not lost a file or a days business due to computer problems. Any IT issues are fixed promptly and professionally, I highly recommend you give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.”

Geoff McKenna, Guidance Mortgage Brokers

Cloud Services FAQ’s

What are the types of cloud services?
The types of cloud services include Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Communications as a Service (CaaS).
Why would a business want to use the cloud?
A business might want to use the cloud for its scalability, cost savings, improved performance, automated maintenance, reliability and security. Cloud storage for businesses provides benefits such as increased collaboration, improved data security, and reduced costs.
Why do you need a cloud service provider?
A cloud service provider is needed to support the use of the cloud and provide access to the required resources. Managed Cloud Service Providers (MCSPs) are cloud service providers that offer additional services such as monitoring, automation and customisation. Services offered by an MCSP include automated deployment, managed storage solutions and analytics.
How secure is data stored in the cloud?
Data stored in the cloud is highly secure with encryption techniques and protocols being regularly used to protect data. Cloud storage is also highly scalable, allowing businesses to quickly add or subtract resources as needed.
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