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Are you struggling to find a reliable, professional IT support company for your business?

Talk with MSP Blueshift! 

Most external IT managed services providers aren’t clear about what they provide, and you end up having to spend as much time on the phone as you would fixing the problem yourself.

We direct a complete team of highly trained and extremely reliable IT professionals. Together they provide small-to-medium businesses (up to 100 users per location) with access to the necessary IT services to support, maintain and manage their IT environments.


We are different.

100% locally based Melbourne IT Support Company

Better than most internal departments – and at a much lower cost.

Guaranteed Response Times

Our IT Support Services give your team peace of mind knowing there is a team of professionals who will go the distance to help them with all issues, big or small.

Prevent downtime, improve your IT performance and reduce your IT problems with MSP Blueshift as your IT Support Provider




MSP Blueshift is not one of those IT companies in Melbourne just about providing technical solutions and support. We assist our clients gladly and will go the extra distance whenever necessary to be as helpful as possible. This is combined with our use of industry leading tools, and a systemised structure for all our business processes, to provide consistent and repeatable results, which will make every contact with our clients a positive experience.

We use “Labtech” the world’s most advanced real-time monitoring and automated remediation software that fixes problems before they disrupt your IT systems. Our tools allow us to comprehensively manage your entire computer network  – better than most internal departments could even dream of doing – and at a much lower cost.


We offer the following IT Support services:

  • IT Support Helpdesk: Resolve minor issues with prompt support via telephone and email support services, keeping open the communication between your employees and our IT technicians.
  • Remote IT Support: We resolve minor issues by accessing your network devices (i.e. core infrastructure and workstations) remotely.
  • Onsite IT Support: Ideal for scheduled maintenance or emergency support. Fast response onsite support service can diagnose and resolve issues on the spot.
  • Network Support: All devices Firewalls, Access Points, Routers, Switches, traffic utilisation are monitored by our Network Operations Centre (NOC) team for proper operations.
  • Security Support: Assistance with Regulatory compliance HIPAA, PCI


MSP Blueshift can become your IT support company and start freeing up your time and reducing stress and IT problems. Get In Touch and see how we can help your business!

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