No matter what type of business you have, your organisation is probably relying on the cloud computing office suite Microsoft 365.

And with the flexibility, security and productivity it offers, we’re not surprised that your company is also taking advantage of Microsoft’s services and applications.

But have you got a dedicated support team on your side? With so many Microsoft applications, a managed service provider (MSP) can give you the necessary help to solve any issues that may occur – at any time.

The advantages of Microsoft 365

From small businesses to enterprises, nearly 345 million users across the globe are using Microsoft’s services. Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365) is a leading cloud-based subscription service that offers businesses world-class collaboration, productivity and powerful cloud services, device management, and advanced security.

Here are just 5 advantages of using Microsoft 365 for business:

  1. Accessibility
  2. Security
  3. Budget-friendly
  4. Reliability
  5. Up to date software

The benefits of using a managed service provider for Microsoft 365 Support

The cloud is becoming more and more important for businesses. Data storage and remote collaboration are made possible through cloud computing services. But with added cloud managed services, you can grow your business without worrying about IT. And Microsoft 365 support provides a wide range of benefits.

Here are 4 reasons how using Microsoft 365 support might help your business:

1. Choose the right subscription: streamlined productivity and reduced costs

Microsoft has many different subscription options that you can choose from. The choice you make depends on the structure of your organisation, or the number of employees.

A dedicated support team not only knows how to help you choose, but will also know when it’s more efficient and cost-effective to change subscriptions as your company grows and changes.

For small businesses, a Microsoft 365 Business subscription might be the right choice. For enterprises with hundreds to thousands of employees that need more cloud services and applications to enjoy seamless collaboration within their team, there are the E1, E3 or E5 subscriptions.

There are also add-on services to consider such as Visio, Teams, or Project. An MSP can help you choose from a range of plans to find the right subscription for your business – and ensure you won’t pay more than is necessary.

2. Reduced support costs: a hassle-free, no-hidden costs partnership

With a dedicated MSP partner, your organisation can drastically reduce the costs of support – and the hassle of dealing with technical issues, and losing employee productivity because of costs associated with downtime

The best MSP company will have a fixed subscription pricing model without any hidden costs. They are able to support you whenever you need it and you can also rest assured that your technology is up to date – and protected from cyber attacks.

3. Personalised Office 365 support: 24/7/365

No matter how efficient, secure and powerful your software, office suite, or the applications you use, it is the nature of technology that you will need technical support.

Having a support team available to you 24/7/365 is invaluable for any organisation.

A personalised Microsoft 365 support team will be able to swiftly respond to your queries and solve the problems in a timely manner – so your team stays productive and your business doesn’t lose any money from downtime caused by lack of support.

Not only that, but an MSP will also help with activation and setup assistance so you can get started in no time.

4. Data recovery: nothing lost when things go amiss

Mistakes happen as much as technical errors. Making sure your data is backed up is essential to data recovery. And one thing that you should know about Microsoft 365 is that it doesn’t automatically backs up your data. So it’s essential to back up your data to a separate server, and have a recovery plan in case of data loss.

A support company can help with a backup plan and cloud disaster recovery – so if anything goes wrong, you can rest assured that your data is safe and easily retrievable.

How do I get Microsoft 365 support?

One of the greatest benefits any business can have is to save time and money. When you outsource your IT to an experienced team, you get to focus on what you know – and like doing.

At MSP Blueshift, we offer personalised Microsoft cloud services for any type of business. If you want to get professional, experienced Microsoft 365 support for your business, we can help. Contact us today.