Reliable internet and telephone network solutions tailored for your business.

We design your internet and telephone network, ideal for how you like to do business.  Through internet and phone systems expertise, and thorough research into your business’ operations, we provide the phone and internet solutions that perfectly suit your needs. You will have reliable internet with help close to hand, and telephone systems that ensure you never miss a call. Straightforward, economical billing mean you get the service you need with the minimum of fuss.

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Using MSP Blueshift will enable your business to:

24/7 Help Desk For Every Computer User

Optimise productivity with connectivity

We make sure that you are connected to the fastest and most reliable internet service in your area, for fast work without mid-call dropouts.

Large Scale Cloud Storage For All Your Staff To Connect Your Files Online

Never miss
a call

With call queueing, routing, recording and live reporting options, we make sure that your customer’s call gets through to the right person.

Ensure Your Data Is Secure Against Hackers & Ransomware

Make your phones powerful tools

Making the best use of today’s technology, we make sure that your phone and internet services are optimised to best serve your staff and customers.

Keep Your Hardware & Software Up To Date

Save on your
phone bill

We make sure that your phone bill is the most economical for your usage and needs, and advise on the one best low-cost plan for you.

Our Voice and Data Solutions & Services

Empowering your business with the latest in communication technology and data management expertise.

Internet Connections

Within one day, one of our consultants will respond with the recommended options available to you, including Business Ethernet, NBN, ADSL, Wireless, Satellite and Optic Fibre solutions.

Inbound call management

We assess the way you want to do business and advise on call management solutions to suit, including Call Queueing, Call Routing, Area-based redirection to localise their call, Automated directors, mid-call transfers, voice recording and voice to email.  

Phone Lines

We keep on top of the ever-changing technology to ensure that the phones and phone lines we recommend are the ones that will suit you ideally, today and into the future. Understand which parts of the NBN are most useful to you, whether you need a Business VoIP with SIP, a Telstra ISDN or Optus Multiline, whether you still need a landline PSTN and the merits of toll-free numbers


Moving your office? Setting up a new workspace? We can help you to move your operations to a new location, ensuring that the service will work perfectly in its new location, with minimal disruption to your business. Let us take care of the move of your telecommunications system.

Phone Systems

The modern office is different and changing. Remote work is more prevalent, and technology is catching up to these needs. We offer you the best solutions to your needs in today’s workplace – whether you need a landline or phone network software, we make sure you have the system you need to do your best work.

What Our Clients Say


“MSP Blueshift have been our IT team since 2015 and their level of service and support is unfailingly excellent!”

Sharon Rowland - DesignInk Pty Ltd 


“I have used MSP for my business for a number of years and since joining them, have not lost a file or a days business due to computer problems. Any IT issues are fixed promptly and professionally, I highly recommend you give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.”

Geoff McKenna, Guidance Mortgage Brokers

Cybersecurity FAQs

Why are Cybersecurity Services Important?

Mn recent years, IT security has become more important than ever. Organised crime syndicates, which can be based anywhere in the world, are continuously working on ways to extort organisations. To avoid this from happening – and also protect your reputation by safely looking after your clients’ data – you need to engage the services of a managed IT support company. At MSP Blueshift, we implement a set of layered security mitigarion stratergies, which means that you are getting a comprehensive security defence.

What Cybersecurity Services do you offer?

At MSP Melbourne, we include as standard a suite of security applications and policies based on the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) Essential 8 and the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) Cyber Security Framework.

Applying these two cyber security organisations mitigation strategies, ensures our clients have a comprehensive, verifiable, layered security defence in place that will continue to evolve as new mitigation strategies evolve. 

What are the best Cybersecurity Practices?

The best cyber security practices follow documented certified mitigation strategies that ensure a comprehensive, verifiable and layered security defence is in place. This will continue to evolve as new mitigation strategies evolve. As your IT Department, we’ve got you covered.

Are Cybersecurity threats Increasing?

Yes. This form of crime is so lucrative that it is estimated to be worth over $4 trillion per year globally. This number is rising fast and is estimated to grow to $6 trillion by the end of 2025.

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