MSP Blueshift offers two different I.T. support packages, which covers unlimited support and management of all ICT related infrastructure, applications, vendors and users charged on a fixed monthly per EFT (Effective Full Time) computer user basis.

In addition to the services provided we include a number of security applications based on NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology) and the ACSC (Australian Cyber Security Centre) Essential 8

I.T. Department Remote I.T. Department Pro
Fixed monthly fee per EFT computer user $139 $149
All-inclusive fixed price
Unlimited phone support
Unlimited remote support
Unlimited onsite support $200 flat fee
Per Instance
Emergency after-hours support $200 flat fee $200 flat fee
Support and management of all ICT related infrastructure, applications, vendors and users
Data Backup Monitoring & Rectification
Data Restore from Backup
Application Licence Management
Network Monitoring / Automated Remediation
Hardware / Software Quoting & Supply
 Included Security Applications & Policies
Application Patching
Web Content Filtering
Advanced Security Policy Enforcement & Ransomware Protection
Application Hardening
Active Directory Account Management – Password Change / Complexity Management and Lockout Enforcement
Operating System Patching
2 Factor Authentication Office 365
Critical Data / Office 365 Back Up
Endpoint Security (Anti-virus, Spam, Malware)
Email Security Filtering & Anti Threat Protection
Server, Desktop Third Party Application Patch Management
Secure DNS – Website Reverse Proxy
Automated Change Detection 
Network Mapping
User Security Awareness Training
Password Manager
Initial Threat Detection Scan
Initial Vulnerability Audit
Initial Security Audit Report
Initial Threat Detection Scan
Initial Vulnerability Audit Report
Ongoing 6 Monthly Strategic Reviews
6 monthly Hardware / Application Asset & Budgeting Registrar
Monthly Maintenance Status Report
Monthly Support Tickets Logged

Advanced Security

Includes all of the above plus the following

I.T. Department Remote I.T. Department Pro
Additional fixed monthly fee per EFT computer user $30 $30
Application Whitelisting & Enforcement
Real-time Dark Web ID Monitoring
Real-time Threat Detection Monitoring
Artificial Intelligent Email Security Control
Annual Vulnerability Testing (On-premise Servers)
Annual Security Audit


The only services that attract additional costs are project services, these relate to the installation of new or upgrading of existing hardware and software. Examples would be

  • New desktop/laptop installation/configuration
  • Network upgrades
    (server, router, switch replacement)
  • Installation of new software packages

All project work is based on a fixed price quotation prior to the commencement of the project.

New Workstation / Laptop Installation Charges

The following fixed price charges apply for the installation and configuration of new workstations/laptops. This includes the installation of all required applications, email set up, account creation (if a new user), migration of any existing data of profile information local to the replacement computer.

New Workstation PC or Mac Installation
& Configuration per Instance
 Standard Business Build $300
 Architect / Specialised Build $595
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