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A lot of IT news focuses on the importance of IT security and support for businesses. It would seem that businesses are always keen to push IT support for small business, and thus small business owners should pay close attention.

There’s no question that IT support is important, but a lot of small business owners will start to wonder why they should care. After all, small business owners care about their customers and their operations. IT support is just there to fix something that’s broken.

In fact, customers want to know that you have good IT support backing your company operations. It gives them peace of mind, and it helps build trust as you are willing to share details about how their data is protected.

IT support isn’t the most attractive thing to shine light on, but it is more important than you think, and customers love knowing that you are doing your best to provide good service to them.

Customers Expect Constant Service

Whether you sell a product or a service, customers want service. They don’t have time to care about your problems, they care about theirs. Rightfully so, because customers come to you because you said you could solve their problems.

If customers find out that you are potentially helpless when something goes wrong, they will have a strong incentive to switch to your competitor. While your competitors may not be much better in terms of performance, customers won’t stay with companies with poor service if they have a choice.

Having good IT support means being able to quickly bounce back from situations where your IT occasionally fails. Customers can tolerate a bit of downtime, which your IT department can solve. If things go right, no one will even know that there was a problem!

Yes, IT support may not have a large impact on your business as a marketing campaign or layoffs, but you will be grateful when you run into a problem with your IT, and that you have a way to quickly get back to your customers.

Business Is Involving More Technology Than Ever

There’s no question in anyone’s mind that businesses are adopting digital technology. Small businesses and large corporations alike are investing money in technology solutions in order to stay competitive and provide customers with even better services.

Unfortunately, not everyone made the transition to train with the growing amount of technology. Hardware and software are being created on a constant basis, and business owners are more focused on being experts in their industry than paying attention to IT.

All industries are using technology, which means it is not wise to leave yourself in a situation where you don’t understand the tools that you are using.

IT support can teach you about the software you are using, why you need to use specific hardware solutions, and fix something in case something goes wrong.

IT support is meant to help your business in a world of growing technology. It might not be a fun prospect to consider, but the world is embracing technology, and you shouldn’t be caught without it.

Employees Are Happier With Good IT Support

How do employees factor into customer satisfaction?

If you are in an industry where employees and customers frequently interact, IT support is even more critical.

You want employees to be able to do their job and find it easy to solve the problems that they encounter. As employees require technology to interact with customers, you don’t want technology failing at a critical moment.

Email, phones and chat applications are places where employees need to be able to talk with customers. You must also factor in technology even when employees and customers meet face-to-face, because technology will still be used when employees work with customers directly.

When employees struggle to do their job, it will impact their mood and attitude about their work. This will inevitably spill over to the customers, who are able to realize that employee attitude is a great representation of the company’s operations.

After all, if employees are dissatisfied and treating customers poorly, how can you believe that a company cares about its customers? In a world where businesses are competing with each other for customers, you don’t want to be losing customers due to unhappy employees.

Of course, to say that technology will instantly make employees happy is a bit of a stretch. But when employees are able to do their job and can rely on IT support to get them working again, job satisfaction is significantly higher, and customers will enjoy speaking to your employees.

Customers interact with you and other employees, and your mood has a significant impact on their perception of your company. Let IT support take care of the problems that can upset you, and you might be able to show your customers that you really do care.

Companies Need To Bounce Back From Accidents

No one would ever hope for a natural disaster to affect a business. But in a world where climate change is increasing the number and severity of incidents, businesses need to think about their plans in the event of an emergency.

IT support helps you think of options that can help your company information and operations remain safe, even in the event of a natural disaster. You never think about how bad an accident can hurt you until the accident happens.

But what if you’re safe from natural disasters? That’s fantastic, but that is also not the only thing that can happen.

Hackers are always on the prowl for companies with weak security, where they can attack and steal critical information. Ransomware is sent to emails on a daily basis, and some employees are at risk of falling victim to them and compromising company information.

IT support can get you out of those situations as well.

Telling customers that you didn’t prepare for accidents is a great way to show customers that you really don’t care about them. While accidents do happen and the benefit of the doubt should be given, customers don’t like hearing that it’s your fault that they can’t do anything.

Again, I wouldn’t wish an accident on anyone. But should something happen (and it can happen), would you rather be prepared or caught off guard?

IT Support Helps You With Your Customers

IT support is often thought of as “break-fix”. If something breaks, call them in and once things are fixed, you never see them again.

That’s an old way of looking at IT support that companies shouldn’t have as they move forward.

Just as you tell your customers that you will be supporting them through every step of the way, IT support does that with your business.

Customers may not see the changes right away, but they can see how technology helps your employees, and with the right IT support, you can bounce back from almost every problem, from small issues such as missing emails to large problems such as a ransomware attack.

That’s not something you want to burden customers with.

That’s a job for IT support. That’s what customers want from you.

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