(Best Ever Computer Tech not an Ordinary Nerd)


I made it to work on time today, well within 30 minutes of on time, but that’s close enough for me. The boss was giving Adam a grilling again, it just hasn’t stopped since he got the blame for the CRM crash. The more someone else gets in trouble the more it makes me smile.

I wasn’t planning on a hard day’s work today, in fact I wasn’t planning on doing any work today, but sometimes my expertise is needed and I have stand up and take control. I often think of myself as a super hero saving the day whenever I hear the call of danger.

Hopefully today I don’t need my cape as I just had a delivery of my favourite chocy bars, well actually I bought my coin jar in and emptied the vending machine. It’s win win, I get loads of Chocolate and no one else does, on second thoughts maybe I am one of those evil super heroes, I like the sound of that.


Now I have 85 chocolate bars to eat by 5:00PM, it’s going to be a busy day after all! So I spend the next four hours munching chocolate bars and thinking of what I should call myself. ‘Bad Becton’ is one idea or maybe ‘Becton the cruel’. I think i will settle for ‘Dastardly Dave’ that way no one will know who I really am. I can also have a sidekick, ‘Dave the cardboard box’. We can be known as the two evil Dave’s, my brains and Dave’s capacity for keeping things in and being stacked, quite a formidable pair.


I had to go and get a drink of water, eating a pile of chocolate the size of a small dog does create a bit of thirst. There were still some bars left but not a lot. But when I got back to my desk, something was missing. My acute observational skills were working well, plus the post-it note saying ‘thanks for the snickers you greedy bastard’. I had left Dave to guard my desk, but I can’t be mad at him for this, cardboard boxes are not very good guards. I had a quick look around the office and saw the boss eating something, jumping to conclusions is one of my best skills, he must be the culprit and therefore Dastardly Dave’s number 1 enemy. Action was needed but this was going to take some planning, I packed the remaining chocolate bars into Dave and left for my Evil lair, well actually my flat, but if I am going to be a evil super hero, I need an evil lair. The plan is to watch 10 episodes of Bat fink to get some ideas. Then to create my master plan to get revenge on the snicker thieving boss.


Next time, revenge is a dish best served with fries.