With Email being so critical to businesses now, and the volume of mail being sent each day increasing almost exponentially, it’s getting increasingly harder to keep track of it all. Mailboxes reach their quota limit, so the next option is to use the outlook archive feature, which moves mail into a separate PST file, which works fine in the short term.


However these archive files have limits, so additional archive files are created. It doesn’t take too long before you have a number of these archive files in use, and that’s where the problems start. If you want to find a particular email from some time in the past where do you look? You really don’t want to spend half your day digging through multiple archive mailboxes. And worse still what happens if all these archive files are on your laptop and it gets stolen? It is unlikely they can ever be recovered.


There are a number of solutions to this problem, but they can be very expensive and only really suitable for larger businesses with an equally large IT budget.


However we have an enterprise solution that anyone can utilise for just a few dollars a month.


Every email sent to and received from your mailbox is copied to a secure archive in the cloud, where it will remain for the next 10 years. It’s accessible from a web browser with a built in search engine. So you can find that important email from 3 years ago in minutes.


We could of course go back to paper written memos and carbon paper copies, which would also solve the email spam and virus problems. However there would be a rather large demand for filing cabinets!