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Access Revisions & Deleted Files

AusCloud One keeps deleted and changed files. Easily download or restore deleted files or previous versions from as far back as you need. Revisions are a great way to go back in time.

Track Activity

AusCloud One’s Activity Log tracks when users add, delete, or change files. Know when colleagues have made changes to files in your shared folders, and restore previous versions or deleted files when need.

Remote Wipes

Protect your sensitive data! With AusCloud One, you can remotely wipe users’ endpoints with two clicks of the mouse. AusCloud One also allows wiping individual devices that are lost or stolen.

Cloud Enable Your File Server

AusCloud One allows remote access to your file server when working outside the office. AusCloud One maintains constant bi-direction sync with your local file server and the cloud, so changes made on the server will be synced to the cloud and vice versa. This can replace the need for unreliable and complex VPN and FTP.

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Email archiving, it's not fun, but we have still ...

With Email being so critical to businesses now, and the volume of mail being sent each day increasing almost exponentially, it’s getting increasingly harder to keep track of it all. Mailboxes reach their quota limit, so the next option is to use the outlook archive feature, which moves mail into a separate PST file, which […] ...

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Grant Writing Tips

  Funding is often an ongoing struggle for a number of organisations. Therefore, writing grants and funding applications becomes a necessary part of business. Intended Future Consultancy Groups  principal consultant Lisa Thomas provides some valuble tips to maximise your success.   Eligibility Tips   Always make sure you are eligible for the funding you are applying, […] ...

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Who took all the money?

Becton (Best Ever Computer Tech not an Ordinary Nerd)   I don’t like Thursdays, in fact I don’t like any days which I can’t spend on the couch. The IT department was doing its normal thing, I have no idea what that actually is, but hopefully everyone else does. The boss looked a mess; I […] ...

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IT Support Providers - Profit Taker or Maker..?

  “Increased productivity is the only bottom line contribution to your profitability your IT support provider can make…”   Most if not all owners of small and medium sized companies I speak to see their IT support provider as nothing more than a cost, a necessary evil, or a fact of today’s business life, constantly […] ...

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Computers, Productivity, Plato & a Toaster...There ...

Plato said “necessity is the mother of all invention” it’s certainly true, we are an inventive lot us humans. However not everything we invent out of necessity is good for productivity.   Take my morning breakfast for example, every morning I place two pieces of bread in the toaster and while its toasting I make […] ...

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Are iPads and tablets just a flash in the pan?

It can’t be denied that there has been a massive take-up of iPads, android tablets and all the other similar devices, across the entire world. They have become the ‘must have’ gadget in many households and businesses, but are they really such a great tool? Apple started (or kick started) the whole tablet market, but […] ...

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How to really cut your IT costs

Working in IT we get to hear this a lot, “I need to cut our IT costs”, “We are spending too much on IT” etc. It would be easy cut costs just by keeping old computers running, and not upgrading any hardware. Costs can also be cut by getting cheaper IT support, there are a […] ...

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Cloud computing. What does it really mean?

The term ‘cloud computing’ is now becoming common everywhere, but there is a lot of scope for confusion about what it really means.   There are numerous resources on the web explaining cloud computing, but who really has the time or inclination to go sifting through volumes of information for a explanation? so we thought we’d […] ...

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Becton’s new job

Becton (Best Ever Computer Tech not an Ordinary Nerd)   I don’t like starting a new job, there are too many unknowns that take time and effort to become knowns, and effort isn’t something I like expend much of. I was comfortable in my last job. But I had to make a quick exit, however that’s another […] ...

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Becton’s day off

Becton (Best Ever Computer Tech not an Ordinary Nerd)   My first day in the new job was pretty tiring plus I stayed up all night watching Buffy, the only option in these circumstances is to call in sick, I’m sure they will understand. This will give me until lunchtime to sleep and an afternoon […] ...

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