Backup & Business Continuity

Providing your business with true business continuity AusCloud BDR will ensure you never loose data or your network servers no matter what issues may arise.

BACK UP & RECOVERY – A Critical IT Service

Data backups are not new, they have been around since the first electronic computers. However as we become increasingly reliant on our computers and as the volume of data keeps growing at an exponentially increasing rate, ensuring we never lose it is critical. We can fix any computer problem, but if data is lost it’s gone for good.
Not every business can afford continuous real time backups, instant fail-over and complete disaster recovery sites. We can however provide an IT solution that provides a robust backup and fast recovery.

BDR appliance

Fully automated no human intervention required

There are no tapes or USB drives to swap daily and take offsite so no one is required to do anything, the whole process is automated.

Fast backup times

The BDR runs incremental (only the changes since the last backup)  backups; this makes each backup  a very fast process, usually taking only minutes or even seconds.

Low data loss in a disaster situation (RPOs)

Backups run every 15 minutes, as such 15 minutes is the maximum amount of data that would be lost in the event of a catastrophic failure or loss of a server.

Fast recovery times (RTOs)

As data is stored locally on the BDR recover times are much faster than traditional cloud only back up solutions.

True business continuity

In the event of a server outage the onsite BDR appliance can take over the role of a failed production server in minutes ensuring your business remains operational.

No large capital costs

AusCloud BDR is a subscription based service there is no hardware or software purchases required just the monthly subscription.

24/7 Monitoring

The service is monitored 24/7 if there is an issue we are notified and will take the appropriate action.

Cloud Backup

This is a lower cost service and does not provide any fast recovery virtualization features, but it does keep your data offsite (in Australia), encrypted and safe.

Cloud Backup & Business Continuity

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