Cloud storage

Until fairly recently, we’ve all been used to storing all our programs and files on our own servers, computers, external hard drives or memory sticks, emailing files back and forth to work collaboratively. Assuming of course that our colleagues or clients have access to the same programs as us to read and edit our files, and everyone involved is working from the latest version.

However with computers and then mobile phones providing more reliable, high-speed internet access and transfer speeds improving, IT companies began to question whether the old model of local storage was the best solution, and whether all that data could be accessed online without worrying about hardware issues like hard drive space and RAM on multiple individual machines.

The magical sounding ‘cloud’ in fact still involves a physical server (or servers) which might be located anywhere in the world. The difference for you and your business is that the IT service offering cloud-based data storage handles the heavy lifting. Anyone who has used tools like Dropbox knows how convenient and efficient it can be to access, share and collaborate on projects in real time, from anywhere with an internet connection.

The benefits are obvious, but there have been concerns about the security and privacy of both personal and corporate data in the Cloud, which essentially lives on another company’s server.  Depending on the terms of service, you may or may not actually own or control that data once it lives in cloud storage. When you upload a file to the cloud service provider, you are essentially making copies of that file, which are often stored across multiple locations to guard against data loss if there is an issue with one of their servers. There have been high-profile cases of cloud storage services being hacked and information leaked to the public. What happens to your data when it is being transferred and how secure are the servers holding it?

Working with an IT consultant can help businesses enjoy the benefits of working with the could whilst also giving you peace of mind on any risks involved. MSP Blueshift partner with AusCloud, who offer cloud services hosted in Australia. We have a range of IT storage solutions available to suit small to medium businesses right through to large corporate. We can help you find the best way for your company to enjoy all the benefits of easily sharing and syncing files across multiple platforms, with access from anywhere, whilst ensuring security is a top priority. MSP Blueshift can provide services with military grade encryption, both in transit and at rest in the cloud, and two-factor authentication for extra security measures along with a range of other control and security features.

Learn how stress-free file sharing for your team can generate greater efficiency; give us a call today for help getting you set up!