Deutscher & Hackett

Deutscher and Hackett is a leading Australian auction house, offering comprehensive
art appraisals for works of art for auction and private sale.

Deutscher and Hackett approached MSP Blueshift in 2014 to discuss the ongoing issues they had been experiencing with their computer network in an effort to get a second opinion on how to address them. 

MSP Blueshift conducted an initial audit of the entire environment which is designed to allow them to get a technical understanding and identify any potential issues.

MSP Blueshift offered their initial review, which made them stand out from the rest.

By conducting the initial review it allowed them to provide Deutscher and Hackett an opportunity to experience first-hand what they were capable of, without having to commit to appointing them as their IT department.

Conversely, the free initial audits allow us to understand the entire environment and provide considered advice whilst additionally ensuring that we are a good fit for the business. 


“Deutscher and Hackett have had the pleasure of using MSP Blueshift for their IT support for almost 5 years. Before this time our business went through 3 different providers over 4 years. Blueshift have provided us with exceptional service and professional advice. They have also been an invaluable contributor with all of our technology based projects especially with their wide network of contacts. From a cost perspective, this overhead has remained fixed for a long time. We feel very confident having MSP Blueshift on our team. Keep it up guys!”

Alex Creswick, Head of Finance
Deutscher and Hackett

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