When is a smartphone screen too big? And at what size does it go from being a smartphone to a tablet.

I recently pondered this question when I read an article about the release of the Huawei Ascend Mate which has a colossal 15.5cm or 6.1-inch (for those in my age bracket) screen.

The article talked about the move towards larger smartphone screens and how its clearly evident with displays on most devices now commonly around the 11.5cm to 12.2cm (4.5-inch to 4.8-inch) mark bigger is where we are headed.

Samsung lead the charge with the 14cm (5.5-inch) Galaxy Note II But Huawei has now claimed the crown for the world’s largest smartphone which was unveiled at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The Ascend Mate has a huge 11.5cm (6.1-inch) screen which even made the large Galaxy Note II look small.And it made the iPhone 5 look ridiculously small.

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Apple has been one of the only companies to resist the trend toward larger and wider screens with the iPhone. Up until the release of the iPhone 5, Apple has stayed with the 8.9cm (3.5-inch) screen size. But when it decided to increase the screen size for the iPhone 5, Apple decided to make the screen only half and inch longer while maintaining the same width.

The reason it cited was the way the device could still be operated with one hand. (remember the ads…”Your thumb goes from here to here, so does our screen…”

But in light of the rush towards larger screens which are attracting loads of customers, Apple runs the risk of being left behind.

Huawei has certainly taken the “go big or go home” attitude with the Ascend Mate and its 15.5cm screen.


A larger display like this makes browsing the web, using apps and watching content like pictures and video a more rewarding experience.

On the flip side of larger real estate comes the inevitable quandary of, how am i going lug this massive device around with me? and am I going feel selfconscious about having something the size of small shoebox up to ear when I make a call?

With all of that in mind it begs the question – is bigger really better? Huawei thinks so and I guess only time will tell if we all do!