Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know the NBN is coming. But like most of us, I’m interested in specifically when my business, not to mention my home can be connected.

The answer is, it all depends on where you’re located….

The NBN website provides a roll-out map available here: NBN Rollout Maps

You can enter your address and see approximately when the service is available in your area.

For example, our company is located in Brunswick. So according to the map results work will commence within one year.

What about pricing?

For the home there are various plans on offer from a number of providers. As with all current Internet services in Australia the cost is based on speed 12, 25, 50 or 100Mbps, contract term, and included monthly download, starting at 50GB up to 1TB (1000GB).

You can compare pricing from a number of ISP’s here: Wistleout NBN Pricing Plans

What about the costs for business connections?  

After an extensive search for business NBN pricing, I have a headache, no wait I think it’s officially become a migraine! I couldn’t find a single website like wistleout, where you can review multiple business grade connection offers.  However by typing various combinations of “NBN and business pricing” into Google I did find Optus and Internode business pricing.

Optus NBN Small Business Plans

Internode NBN Pricing Plans

All in all given the time frame of the roll-out and the limited areas where the service is currently available it’s not surprising that the vast majority of ISP’s haven’t yet got their business offers sorted.

If your business is in a connected area or soon will be, my advice is have your IT provider contact your current ISP and ask them for pricing.

You can also keep up to date with all things NBN at their website www.nbnco.com.au and even view a short video presentation on some of the business benefits promised.