Someone once said opinions are like backsides everybody’s got one. When it comes to the new iPhone 5 opinions are plentiful on just how great this latest incarnation actually is.


If we simply take the numbers and let’s face it you can’t argue with the numbers, the 5 is already the most successful in Apple’s history.

According to a report in the Sydney Morning Herald, 2 million phones were ordered in the first 24 hours of release. Even prior to the release over the past 3 ½ months Apples share price has been on the rise and has now cracked US$700. That’s a staggering 22% growth.

It seems even we Aussies aren’t shy about our love for all things Apple. Telstra reports that they sold out within 18 hours of opening pre-ordering on Friday. In fact you now can’t even order a phone from Telstra according to They also report that Optus sold out on pre-orders as well.


What’s good in the new 5?

In short, faster processor, larger screen, it’s thinner, lighter and boasts a longer battery life(according to Apple, yet to be confirmed by consumers)

The camera’s received an upgrade and has some funky new features added. However the average picture will now be 24Mb. With no increase in storage (32 or 64GB) some are saying this is going to pose a problem. Apple dismisses this by saying that’s why they have iCloud.


A large annoyance

They have changed the connector, which means that all those funky gadgets we’ve been buying for years, like your car charger, hands free units, docking station and anything else built for an iPhone, can’t be connected.

Of course you can by a converter, but seriously who wants to have a gadget to connect a gadget to another gadget?. Not to mention the pricing of this little wondrous piece of now required technology that ranges from US$19 to $39.00.


There is no doubting the iPhone will be a hit. The numbers already point to great success.


However for businesses with the impending release of the Nokia 960 operating on Windows 8 promising better integration with all things Microsoft and the already available Samsung Galaxy SIII, I for one won’t be rushing out to replace our fleet of smart phones.