Checklist for when you first read a submission

When first reading a funding document there are a number of things to keep in mind. Looking at guidelines and criteria, Intended Future Consulting Group’s, principal consultant Lisa Thomas recoemmends you follow a checklist:


  • Background and role of the organisation inviting submissions
  • Background and environment for assessment
  • Any reference to requirements, specifications or required outputs or outcomes of your submission’s project plan
  • Eligibility to submit
  • Assessment or selection criteria and procedure
  • Mandatory requirements
  • Details of any information sessions for likely applicants
  • Notional budget
  • Constraints, restrictions, limitations
  • Standards or quality requirements
  • Legislative or statutory requirements
  • Contractual arrangements, including schedule for release of funds
  • Technical language or details
  • Reporting requirements through the funding period
  • Application pro -forma, and guidance for completing the application form: or guidance for headings or sections in a free form application
  • Deadlines and procedure for lodging the submission document
  • Commencement date and procedure for implementation of the submission’s project



By keeping these things in mind when reading the document it will help you assess whether your organisation is a strong candidate and has the capacity within the organisation to meet the project criteria.


About the writer

Lisa Thomas is the principal consultant with Intended Future Consultancy Group. Lisa is a business development consultant and provides government grant and strategic business planning advice to SME’s, Corporates and not for profit organisations. Lisa has a broad range of experience working with health and community services organisations, agriculture, adult education and manufacturers.


The types of Grants that Lisa has been involved in are philanthropic trusts, Fashion TCF small business fund, Regional Development Victoria programs, EPA projects, Commercialisation Australia, Enterprise Connect and most recently Investing in Manufacturing Technology.


Lisa can be contacted by email [email protected] or by calling 03 95804464.