Are you Clear/ Will they know?


Grant writing can be time consuming and tedious for those who are new to the process but there are a number of simple rules if followed that will make the process much easier.


Identify your Project


  • Outline your project – What do you want to do? Remember that the person reading the submission may have no content knowledge in your given area.
  • Why is it important?  How does your proposal fit with the government policy/agenda?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Who will gain from the project? Think big picture
  • How will you go about the project?
  • How will you evaluate and monitor your successes?
  • How will you acknowledge the support of government?


It can be helpful to speak to the person who is administering the project before you submit your application.


Questions to ask


  • What sort of projects are they funding?
  • Can you discuss your project or idea and seek feedback?
  • How many projects are they looking to fund and what proportion of the funding will be allocated between projects?
  • Can your draft application be reviewed?


By taking the time to speak to the funding body can make the different between a good application and a successful one.


About the writer


Lisa Thomas is the principal consultant with Intended Future Consultancy Group. Lisa is a business development consultant and provides government grant and strategic business planning advice to SME’s, Corporates and not for profit organisations. Lisa has a broad range of experience working with health and community services organisations, agriculture, adult education and manufacturers.

The types of Grants that Lisa has been involved in are philanthropic trusts, Fashion TCF small business fund, Regional Development Victoria programs, EPA projects, Commercialisation Australia, Enterprise Connect and most recently Investing in Manufacturing Technology.


Lisa can be contacted by email [email protected] or by calling 03 95804464.