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The helpdesk is the first port of call for all your personnel to receive IT support. The following table outlines how we communicate and manage each ticket to ensure user satisfaction.  


How We Communicate




Logging a Support Ticket

You have three options: phone, email or via the web portal.

Incident Tracking & Management

Each incident entry logged is date and time stamped within ConnectWise and then in the case of personnel logging a call either via email or phone, they receive notification that the call has been logged via email.

Managing Logged Calls

Each job ticket is tracked and responded to directly with the person who initiated the ticket. 

All work conducted is recorded within the specific ticket, updated accordingly and automatically emailed. The user can add information via email simply by replying to the email. 

Once the call is closed, a final email notification closing the job will be received by the initiator of the ticket.

SMS Alert Groups

In the event of a major outage of a server, application or communications device, we have the facility to create an SMS alert group. 

This group should consist of key personnel who will be initially informed and then regularly updated by SMS if there is a system-wide outage during business hours. 

This ensures that all key personnel are aware of the issue and stops multiple personnel at various locations all having to log calls for the same issue. 

Tracking User Satisfaction

We view every user within an organisation as our client and understand that for the majority of personnel, their interaction with us will be when they have an issue that is affecting their ability to work. 

 As such at the completion of every ticket, the user is provided with an opportunity to quickly provide feedback on their experience via a one-click survey (comments can also be provided). 

We monitor these responses in real-time and follow up any dissatisfaction to ensure we continually improve the user experience and our service to all our clients.

Remote Support Chat

There is often the feeling of disconnect when engineers are performing remote support if they aren’t on the phone with the end-user. 

During these times, to make it as easy as possible for the user to interact with the engineer, rather than the user having to call the engineer back, we utilise a chat application. 

This allows either the user or the engineer to instigate a chat session and provide / request updates, changes or inform the user of their progress in real-time.

Executive Reporting

Each month you will receive an executive summary report providing information on your network health, tickets logged, work conducted and our performance in meeting our service level guarantees 

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