Jan Chapman is the Co-Founder and Managing director of MSP Blueshift.
He has 20 years experience working in IT, a masters degree in networking and many industry certifications.
IT can be a complex business, but Jan tries to make it as simple as possible. It’s a business tool, the simpler it is the more reliable it is, and if it does break it’s quicker to repair.


Craig Boyle is the co-founder and sale and customer service director at MSP Blueshift. Craig’s believes in an honest approach to sales. Making the sale at any cost only works in the short term, at MSP Blueshift we are all about long term relationships where we help our clients to reach their goals.


100% Australian IT support – Made in Melbourne.

Principal directors Jan Chapman and Craig Boyle each have more than 20 years experience in the IT managed services industry.

Your IT Department… Fixing IT Problems in Real Time…

Most external IT managed services providers aren’t clear about what they provide, and you end up having to spend as much time on the phone to them as you would fixing the problem yourself.

We direct a complete team of highly trained and extremely reliable IT professionals. Together they provide small-to-medium businesses (up to 100 users per location) with access to the necessary services to support, maintain and manage either specific parts or their entire IT environment on an outsourced basis.

We use “Automate” the world’s most advanced real-time monitoring and automated remediation software that fixes problems before they disrupt your IT systems. Our tools allow us to comprehensively manage your entire computer network  – better than most internal departments could even dream of doing – and at a much lower cost.

…at a Fraction of the Cost for a Fixed Price!

We have built our IT support services model on the best practices of the most successful  USA-based IT managed service providers: we give our clients unlimited support, maintenance and management at a fixed price.

With our various IT managed services, along with our IT help desk and our “ConnectWise” ticketing application (which ensures that every request for service is actioned within the guaranteed time-frame), all the work we do is recorded and reported in clear, logical terms that is 100% viewable to all our technical personnel and our clients.

Call 1300 501 677 to find out how our brilliant work ethic, world-class IT managed services systems and our friendly, personalised service can take your business out from being mired in IT support issues and into an easy, efficient environment.


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