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IT support is our bread and butter service, it should be expected that we will provide IT support services. Many IT support companies will say they provide fantastic support or they are the best, but since there is no ‘Championships of IT support’ there is no way to know. We believe we do a great job and our feedback system shows that our clients agree.

Even though we do IT support it is often not the best way to utilize our services. In the past IT support was provided for a fee depending on how much each support task took (pay by the hour). We can still do this, however you will have no idea what your invoice will be as it’s impossible to quote on fixing a fault until we know what the fault is, and fault finding generally takes most of the time and effort, the fix is often very quick. This can lead to disagreements about how much time was actually taken finding the fault, and if a different technician would have been able to do it faster This is impossible to know even in a test environment as there is such a wide range of faults than can occur.

It’s is generally simpler and more cost effective to take a managed services agreement. A fixed price per month means you don’t have to go through every job on the invoice, or have to make a decision every time there is a IT problem as there is a cost involved.

Please take a look at our managed services page.


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